What are Smoot’s Prohibited Contents?

There are a number of harmful products and services identified as prohibited contents in Smoot. Avoid listing these items and such contents will not be approved. Repeated submission of these items may result in account suspension.

  1. Any form of Narcotics

  2. Prescription Medicines

    Any medicine that needs a doctor’s prescription.

  3. Any adult content and services other than sexual wellness products.
  4. Rare species, wildlife or products made from wildlife and human or human remains.
  5. Weapons, explosives or any other item which needs a valid license to own them.
  6. Items with archaeological values.
  7. Any expired consumable, health and beauty goods.
  8. Stolen goods
  9. Any political content
  10. Contents that can disrupt the communal harmony.
  11. Toxic chemicals, Toxic pesticides, and Toxic fertilizers.