About Us

smoot.lk is a 100% Sri Lanka based online marketplace where people may use the facility to buy, sell, rent, or offer something for free with Give Sri Lanka. smoot.lk is an affiliated company to the parent company Smoot Technologies Pvt Ltd founded in 2020. We are a group of professionals from various disciplines that have combined our experiences to create the wonderful smoot.lk. 

The goal of Smoot is to solve the identified problems in the Sri Lankan online marketplaces as well as in the society. Anyone around the world may access and browse the website but in order to sign up with Smoot, a Sri Lankan mobile number is required.

As well as the many advanced features available in Smoot, we believe the highlighting and key difference as compared to other existing websites is that we provide a platform to users who are offering products for free for someone who is in need. This is “Give Sri Lanka”, where anyone in need can find what he/she needs with respect and dignity. Give Sri Lanka today is for a better Sri Lanka tomorrow.

Our Vision

To break all the social, geographical, economical and gender barriers in becoming a businessman or a businesswoman. Your status, your location, your gender, all that defines you does not have to be a barrier for your growth anymore.

Our Mission

Your vision for tomorrow is our mission today. We are working towards your goals. We are bringing in the latest technologies to give our users the best experience and a never-ending advancement.

smoot.lk, and Smoot Technologies will always strive to give the best for our users in all aspects.

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